Week of Inspiration 9

General / 09 April 2019

New feel good playlist to start this new week : https://soundcloud.com/tohad/sets/week-of-inspiration-9

Two weeks ago, I discovered the work of Masayasu Uchida ( 内田 正泰 ), and it's a crush. I had never seen a such beautiful way to express depth and scales just with hard shapes and flat colors : 

Backgrounds from Flavors of Youth ( 肆式青春 / 詩季織々, 2018, Haoliners Animation League / CoMix Wave Films) 


Inspiring Colors schemes in the Australian landscapes of Tom Roberts (1856 - 1931) : 


More inspiration and references on my twitter and FB account : https://twitter.com/sylvainsarrailh & https://www.facebook.com/TohadChaos

Have a great week folks!