The influences of Hudson River School movement on the universe of Forest of Liars

General / 04 May 2018

The Hudson River School is an artistic movement that greatly influences Forest of Liars’ artistic direction.
Little known to the general public and initiated by the American painter Thomas Cole, the painting movement of the Hudson River School focuses on the representation of vast contemplative landscapes.

(Thomas Cole - The Last of the Mohicans)

I consider this movement that plays with the gigantic scale of natural elements and the lighting effects, as one of the roots of fantasy.
This vision of the contemplative world calling upon our desire for exploration is very close to my artistic philosophy. When I start a composition, I think first and foremost about how the viewer's eyes will wander through my image like a real forest walk.

(Albert Bierstadt_-_Among the Sierra Nevada)

Beyond the technical success, the sky occupies a very important part in the Hudson River School compositions. A sky after a storm, a sunset, rays of light, everything mixes in the heavens to direct the brightness towards the center of the image.

( Frederic Edwin Church - Rainy Season in the Tropics )

The main goal of a painter is often to approach realism while using their own personal style. Frederic Edwin Church's painting is a true artistic performance demonstrating that one can use realism in the service of the sublime.
Reflections, dust, vapors and sparkles are present in each of his compositions.

(Thomas Cole -Evening in Arcadia )

But how to go further after such a demonstration of artistic power from a two centuries old movement?

With animation! Jean Bultingaire animates each painting that I create for Forest of Liars using Unity. I prepare different layers depending on my image’s depth, Jean positions them in a 3D parallax and animates elements such as vegetation, clouds, birds and particles.

If you are interested in this kind of techniques, I recommend you to watch Stefano Tagliafierro's animated film B E A U T Y. There you will see many paintings from the Romantic movement animated with After Effect :

We hope that you will enjoy Forest of Liars’ contemplative atmosphere. Thank you again for supporting our project and spreading the word!


(thank Mowlie Hall for the english translation)