Week of Inspiration 6

General / 18 March 2019

Sumptuous use of geometric shapes in the compositions of Marie-laure Cruschi (Cruschiform) : http://www.cruschiform.com  

 The power of nature in Andreas Achenbach's paintings (1815 – 1910) : 


And his brother, Oswald Achenbach (1827–1905), was also a painter. The two brothers were called "the A and O of Landscapes" (the Alpha and Omega) :


I am depressed by the Lion King remake trailer with its cold rendering empty of life and without art direction. I prefer to share with you the sublime backgrounds from the original movie : https://imgur.com/a/ST7Nc  


More inspiration and references on my twitter account : https://twitter.com/sylvainsarrailh

Have a great week folks!