Dear cyber-readers, travelers of the outer limits, fellow galactic citizens and cherished friends, I wish you an excellent year of the terrestrial cycle 3015 with my eurotransmitter!
Let’s take advantage of the beginning of this new earthly rotation to fulfill our desires and accomplish our dreams, such as:
-discovering new galaxies without enslave them
-the implementation of teleportation in order to diminish our consumption of fossil fuels
-mutual tolerance and respect for all carbon life forms as well as gaseous life forms no matter what their religion or where they come from in the universe
-lower prices for Helium 4
-the end of global warming on Kepler 5
-the resolution of the age old conflict between the planet Aszrel and its asteroid belt Andromeda.
-the end of the life penalty imposed on artificial intelligence wishing to self-redesign.
-and of course, a long life for the friendly health-improving micro-organism implant living in your bloodstream!

May your dreams come true, may solar radiation make you glow and may the whole cosmos be open to you!


Sent from my quarkphone in the Andromeda Galaxy